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Closed indefinitely
Oranje Nassaustraat 45, Heerlen (Heerlen-Centrum)

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This shop is closed indefinitely.
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Patrick Correa - 2 years ago
This place does not exist anymore
Lars G - 3 years ago
Friendly personal, big headshop selection but not too much selection regarding smartshop
Igor Radoš - 4 years ago
very nice
SkittleMen 087 - 4 years ago
Ricky Zimmermann - 4 years ago
Eerlijk advies gekregen. De salvia was wat aan de dure kant maar als je ver moet rijden dan moet je dat geld in de tank gooien dus al met al een super shop.
bryan de vos - 4 years ago
Crazy smartshop super chill dude
Viktória Diána Lovász - 5 years ago
Last time we went there everything worked out well, the guy was helpful and we got all the stuff we wanted. However today we went there 15 min before closing time, yet they weren't open anymore. Took us an hour to get there so its was very disappointing!
Laurent Jamar - 5 years ago
Good smartshop. There are beautiful bongs, and the magic truffles (Psylocibe) are very strong and good! :) Nice trip lived with the cosmic connector!

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