The Hague Seed Center
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Brouwersgracht 3, Den Haag (Centrum)

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Peter Mutsaers - 1 month ago
Shop was closed at 14:00. 'Be right back' but not.
Martin King - 3 months ago
A very knowledgeable man with an amazingly beautiful dog ,a Thai Ridgeback, always a good place to visit
Bert Aper - 9 months ago
Top info, top service
amir moghadam - 1 year ago
Helpful & equipped
DanJ - 1 year ago
Friendly and experienced staff. Highly reccomend.
Mourad Khallouki - 1 year ago
Best smartshop in town and far beyond!! I ordered later online and also fast and discrete shipment. Thank you guys!
Flammed Up Red - 2 years ago
Very nice folks
Finn K. - 2 years ago
Very friendly people, I'm glad I found this store.
J S - 3 years ago
Very friendly and informative person works here :)
Goce Trimcevski - 3 years ago
the best store and the guy is greath..
Catia Coelho - 4 years ago
Robbert van Haaften - 4 years ago
Great guy that works there is very kind and helps you with all your questions! I would suggest this highly.
Abdourahim 69 - 4 years ago
Best seeds of holland
J K - 4 years ago
magic srooms available!

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