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Mehdi Chehat - 2 years ago
Excellent , the best costumer service i've seen
Richard McCombie - 2 years ago
I ordered a product and followed the instructions diligently and precisely. The product was evidently defective. I wrote to Zamnesia support and was subjected to a series of Q & A that were disingenuous and insincere. They kept asking questions until they could find some way to evade taking responsibility for the quality of their product. Any decent company that respected its customers would have apologised and shipped a replacement. Disgusted as I am, I will never order from Zamnesia again.
aurimas bulvydas - 2 years ago
Wasn't able to locate it for second time. Google maps brings my to bike rental store and the guy there is not very keen to help.And no I wasn't high by that time :)
Denzel Duikers - 2 years ago
Zamnesia is by FAR my favourite smart shop. Quality products and quality service. Very friendly customer service
Harvey Y - 2 years ago
Zamnesia had products that I couldn’t find somewhere else. Great range of exclusive products and (very) fast delivery! 10/10 recommended and will definitely keep ordering here!
Harvey Yard - 2 years ago
Zamnesia had products that I couldn’t find somewhere else. Great range of exclusive products and (very) fast delivery! 10/10 recommended and will definitely keep ordering here!
M G - 2 years ago
I've been shopping online with these guys for years now. By far, the best value and legit customer service. I've had some bad experiences elsewhere, but Zamnesia always comes through! Cheers guys!
Luke Sholl - 2 years ago
Fast delivery and clear communication throughout. Products worked exactly as intended. Would definitely buy again.
wutru smit - 2 years ago
Zamnesia never fails to amaze me with their products. Great quality and fast shipping
Victor L - 2 years ago
First of all, customer service is very good, two orders didnt go as excpected and they were very comprehensive, and qecobd of all, very reliable and serious, truffle grow kit result was 20x better than expected!
Christian Zubel - 3 years ago
Best seed delivery in Europe. Fast and good quality
God and Goddess Raixe&Airis - 3 years ago
We, God and Goddess Raixe and Airis, are customers of zamnesia Shroomshop since almost 5 years. Zamnesia always delivering to Us top quality Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles. We appreciate truly Magical/Spiritual Healing properties of Our dear Children - Psilocybin Mushrooms/Truffles, therefore We do, and will protect Them by Our Pure True Love to each other - FOREVER. According to web-shop: Top quality customer service - all cases always solved in honest and professional way. We giving truly deserved 5 stars over all. ~ God and Goddess Raixe and Airis.
Dimitri George - 3 years ago
Great place to order online. Delivery takes a little while so plan your order at least +7 days ahead or so. But arrives perfectly at home and discreet as promised on their site. I’ve never had issues and delivered as any other order purchased online. Truffles are ready to consume and I’ve just indefinitely switched to buying from this site for my eventual voyages. It’s just very convenient in all ways except for perhaps immediacy - since of course you have to wait for the product to be delivered.
J P - 3 years ago
Delivery was lost in the process. After contacting Zamnesia, I got a new one within a couple of days! Fast, friendly and very professional costumer service. The mushroom growkits are easy to use and perfect for microdosing (I use 0.15 gram a day, three/four times a week). Or perfect for, if you feel ready to become an astronaut, a beautiful but intens journey through deep space.
Joey B - 3 years ago
Very loyal shop with delivery and phone service. Does exactly what's promised 5/5 and thank you Zamnesia!
Vishal Kondabathini - 3 years ago
I might have just walked by this store and it caught my attention as its unique and all they sell in the store seems to be something from a different world. Not for someone like me, but if you are into the good s****t then this could be your spot. Can't review the place better than this as I couldn't buy or try anything here.
Shivashree Dhanaraj - 3 years ago
Best customer service. Very friendly and great products.
Nicola Maxwell - 4 years ago
The best place I ever found for seeds shrooms and other herbs etc. They have all I need in one shop. The service is second to none and couldn't be happier with zam.
Paulo Ramos - 4 years ago
Very good cannabis products and variety fast delivery and goed customer support. I strongly recommend this great online store for cannabis products.
L G - 4 years ago
A wide selection on products and great customer service!

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