Baba Souvenirshop
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Warmoesstraat 47, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Scott Joyce - 1 month ago
Nice shop good selection of products good prices and the guy behind the counter is friendly and informative. Not to mention a good laugh.
Alvar F Monroy - 4 months ago
The man at the counter, who I believe is the owner is Dutch and you can speak with him in Dutch. On top of that the prices aren't abusive and you can find a gift for almost anybody. He had an amazing selection of magnets that I didn't see anywhere else.
Luki K - 4 months ago
Great shop, products, service and atmosphere
Kiara Naidoo - 4 months ago
Banta was so helpful and knowledgeable, he took time to get into the best ways to use the products safely and enjoyably. Go here for his goof advice! The products are well priced and good quality.
Antony Clavelloux - 5 months ago
We were here with my family and they were super friendly and spoke french for us, they helped us and suggested some items, thank you, we will come here again
Cyrus The Great - 5 months ago
Danny is amazing. We did shopping here quite a lot. Try Proxy for dabbing. 350€ and it's amazing
K “krisseldoe” R - 5 months ago
Very helpful and friendly staff. Good vibes.
rhi court - 6 months ago
Prices are the fairest and they will help you with amazing service
Kevin L - 6 months ago
Awesome staff. Much better than Elements up the street.
Berxnes - 8 months ago
Cool stuff, good selection, good advice, great enthusiasm, great music, Bob is fantastic
Omar Gamil - 9 months ago
Awesome place to chill & friendly staff I will definitely come again
James Desmond - 11 months ago
Wow...what an awesome experience. Knowledgeable staff with a friendly atmosphere
Old Wolf (atofly) - 1 year ago
Impressive!I was chilling whole day with the cannabis shot bought from Babashop.
fraser lightbody - 1 year ago
Rene Camoin - 1 year ago
Great shop for smokers
Jeswin Kannampuzha Francis - 1 year ago
My friend lost her phone in the shop. Shopkeepers seemed fishy and they were claiming that a couple came and took the phone. When we asked about the cctv footage they told us we should get the permission from police to see the footage. Overall experience was bad and i won't recommend this shop to anyone.
Dennis Warthenpfuhl - 1 year ago
Nice work, nice shop, nice People and Thx from Germany ✌️
James Chamberlain - 2 years ago
Best shop in Amsterdam for all your smoking essentials & more, top staff, would definitely recommend
Lucky Cat - 3 years ago
Wide selection of smoking and vaporizing gear, and also some nice T-shirt designs that are beyond the normal touristy type of stuff. Friendly and helpful staff too
Aniket Kulkarni - 3 years ago
Great advice on consuming shrooms. Got the Dolphins Delight.
Marc Hodge - 3 years ago
Absolutely brilliant staff!! Got a new herb vape from there, very happy with the advice and the product I ended up with... GOOD JOB BABA"S!!
Robin Spui - 3 years ago
Great place for all your smoking needs ,they have also very good selection of high quality seeds from California and Colorado that you won't find in any other shop in Amsterdam
Tommy TheYid - 3 years ago
Best souvenir shop in Amsterdam, for all your skinning up needs.
Facundo Casares - 3 years ago
I bought a high hawaiian truffles yesterday, i eat them with my empty stomach i ate the truffles and literally nothing happened, i waited 1, 2, 3, 4 hs and NOTHING happened, no trip or anything else. Today went to the store and claimed that the truffles were wrong. After some exchange of words with the manager i got my money back.
Piero Grippi - 4 years ago
Truffles and souvenirs . Salvador the rasta is the best one of the Staff . Ask him for the best truffle what he knows and you will not regret.. I have got also a usb teaser lighter and it’s amazing!!
Lodewijk Portielje - 4 years ago
Friendly personnel and a great range of products
Damon Crush - 4 years ago
Mushrooms "Dolphin Delight" are highly recommended. The place is good and not expensive, the staff are nice and helpful.
Ron van Bruchem - 4 years ago
Always fun to check out every now and then. Good souvenirs.
sonder - 5 years ago
Nice Collections & Good Staffs

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