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Sian Connolly - vor 1 Monat
Cute little shop! Really friendly staff!!
Hyza - vor 2 Monaten
Hi, can we still eat mushrooms after the expiry date? If yes, how many months ?
Gabika tutyte - vor 2 Monaten
Great evening experience with 15g of Atlantis truffle ! Everything was amazing
Alkim Degirmentepe - vor 2 Monaten
Really good place to get some mushroom. More choices than other competitors.
B B - vor 4 Monaten
Don't waste money going to these places
Fran A. - vor 6 Monaten
Amazing. Whoever said these were beginner truffles must be god herself. or just dutch. nah just kiddng. so funny. We´ve been to Tokyo, all of the Mario KArt arenas AND south korea AND japan in just ONE night. for 14 euros!!! a roundtrip. around the world. 10/10 would recommenmd. Maybe start with lower dosage and go somewhere safe. we loved to go to bed after strollin round several mario kart arenas (i think it was always the same one lol, we just thought it would be a few more). afterwards we like to eat cheesy flips. tell us about your experience! Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Ivan Rosenberg - vor 7 Monaten
Really helpful and Spanish friendly staff, they gave me all the information that I needed about vaporizers and truffles. Keep up the good service!
Amit Damodar - vor 8 Monaten
These guys know their stuff and explain well and guide patiently
Sebastian M - vor 8 Monaten
Not cheap, but the Dragon's Dynamite is definitely worth it! Had a nice trip
Femke - vor 9 Monaten
friendly staff with a lot of knowledge. perfect for first time users
A Yeung - vor 11 Monaten
Really good shop& guy was really helpful with explaining everything. He certainly knew what to recommend, which was helpful.
Drew - vor 11 Monaten
Cool Shop, Cool People
Ethan - vor 1 Jahr
Very low value for money, even on stronger doses
Jared Wilder - vor 1 Jahr
Quality product and friendly staff!
Adrakulus - vor 1 Jahr
Very helpful staff
Max Jacob - vor 1 Jahr
What a kind and helpful guy. He knew his stuff with mushrooms. Great service. :) :)
Marie Trudeau - vor 1 Jahr
The employees are so nice and helpful! I bought some products from them yesterday morning :)
CallMeWhatever - vor 1 Jahr
Super friendly staff, great recommendations, thx!
Diego Garcia Cacho - vor 1 Jahr
Staff was super nice, explained everything very clearly and were able to make good recommendations for beginners and advanced users. Going for some dragons in the sky, and some atlantis diving.
Matías Echevarría - vor 1 Jahr
Good stuff. Really good attention from the employees
Sondre Nilsen - vor 2 Jahren
I have been to Number One every time I've been in Amsterdam recently. All the staff has been very friendly and helpful each time. Great products and great people! Will return next time :)
Wojciech Kusz - vor 2 Jahren
Great !!
Tim M - vor 2 Jahren
If you are looking for a quality smartshop in Amsterdam, then look no further! The staff is very welcoming, the selection of products is well curated and extensive. For some products, you will pay 5 times less than in other smartshops and get better quality as well. Its a no brainer really!
David Yoseph Schreiber - vor 3 Jahren
My intention was to take a heroic dose (30 grams) of Hollandia. The salespeople were very good. The trip was very nice but not as intense as previous trips when I took a smaller dose of weaker truffles. Music was incredibly beautiful. YouTube videos were also very nice. I had some deep thoughts some of which were not so nice. Lingering effects are the emotion of love is stronger and more present in my personality. I'm much calmer. Speech is slower, clearer, more deliberate, and more focused. Responses are more intelligent. I'd say that more passages in my brain were opened up, but it seems this is in the subconscious mind. The conscious mind did not recognize anything happening at the time. It's not clear why the psilocybin was not very powerful. The truffles were in excellent condition. It could be that I can only take it a limited number of times. It could be also that I've learned most of the lessons of the plant. It could be that it behaved like CBD.
Alan Moran - vor 3 Jahren
Very good selection, and very friendly and helpful staff
Valeria Neufeld - vor 3 Jahren
Very Good consulting... I had a very nice trip
Donna C - vor 3 Jahren
Very nice personal who helped me a lot thanks for it
Khurram Masud - vor 3 Jahren
The guy on the counter seemed completely uninterested in assisting me. I told him of my experience with spacecake and his reply was "go to a coffeeshop I dont sell that". I told him this so he could guide me on what would be suitable for me, given I was a first timer. The conversation that followed wasnt any friendlier either. Unless you enjoy being treated rudely, find another place to buy your stuff (there are plenty within a 100 m radius).
M K - vor 3 Jahren
Big variety of grinders and many others!!! They really know what they are selling and they are happy to help you whit anything you ask them!
Samuel Anav - vor 4 Jahren
Best one in town! Helpful team, great prices! Definitely recommended
Elda Ag - vor 4 Jahren
The person working there, told us everything we need to know in advance! He was so helpful and really kind. Nothing to do with what someone wrote. Nice job guys... Once in a lifetime psychedelic experience. MUST try.

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