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Auto Blueberry Bliss 3 seeds

€ 17,50

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Product information

Auto Blueberry Bliss Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds This medium-sized sativa is a great beginner flowering strain with big, pretty buds. Though it’s only been around for a few years, Auto Bliss gets its name from the Auto Blueberry side of her DNA and has quickly become a favorite in dispensaries. She grows to about 3-4 feet tall in flower and has outrageous colors that would make any artist proud. The taste is fresh and sweet with an uplifting high that comes on quick then crashes into couchlock dreaming land. This girl will delight her smokers with an Indica dominance and gentle Sativa dominance. Saving you from the stress of the day: just a few puffs and she’ll take care of things. Vision Seeds Auto Blueberry Bliss is recommendedto those looking for smaller but tasty plant, plus casual smoke capable of deep relaxation without any paranoia or slowed thought process associated with most indicas.