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Auto Blue Cheese

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Product information

Autoflowering Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds from Chronic Caviar (USA) - 5 Seeds Blue Cheese Auto Seeds is a delightfully pungent strain that only takes 9 weeks to flower with a generous yield. Blue Cheese Auto contains 16% THC and will be your newest favorite for its pleasurable aroma, berry flavor, and one-of-a-kind effect that's thought provoking but ultimately relaxing. What are you waiting for, get your Auto Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds today! Growers who want to grow fast and small will love this strain. The berry aroma combined with the cheese flavor creates an amazing flavor that's unlike any other cannabis plant in the market. This automatic variety is also very tempting because of its high THC content at 16%. Join us in celebrating all these wonderful aspects by ordering your jug of Auto Blue Cheese seeds now!