Warmoesstraat 12, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Sunandita - 3 weken geleden
Warm and patient staff who genuinely care about your needs and well being. Great variety and great people to guide you through it.
Sonny Jasper Sauviller - 1 maand geleden
You can go in just to look but I recommend you go in to experience it. Friendly staff. Really clean.
Kat M - 1 maand geleden
Lovely spot in the very heart of Amsterdam run by really kind people. Come by for nutritious beverages, psychedelic stuff & good vibes
Marta Huertas Garcia - 1 maand geleden
Jaw-droppingly beautiful shop and such friendly staff! An amazing place to enjoy a cup of tea and get very knowledgeable advice on psychoactive and medicinal herbs. Great view of the canal too!
Arnav Sarkar - 3 maanden geleden
i would go here to sit by the lounge facing the canals sipping on a tea while listening to soothing music,its a different experience from the very touristy side of amsterdam ,this is the place to ground yourself after the journey you have taken
Pimnicha Paisithmongkol - 3 maanden geleden
Brilliant music combination and lots of cute trippy stuff and decorations, especially the dream catchers
GG OG - 3 maanden geleden
very good explaination, the man conveyed everything very well, good products and a nice atmosphere
P. Spade - 4 maanden geleden
Great selection of beautiful things and natural instruments to travel to magical places. The vibrations are amazing in Kokopelli and there is a trustworthy guy behind the counter. I'll definitely return when I'm in Amsterdam again. Best wishes from the dude who will listen to the Delicate Sound of Thunder this night.
Marcus Vinicius de Melo Pereira (Marquinhus) - 5 maanden geleden
I was very excited to visit the store due to the great reviews, but I had to cancel the trip because of the lockdown. I ordered online instead and my experience has been the opposite of the reviews. I paid by money transfer on 22/12, sent them several emails asking if it was everything fine with the order/payment, they ignored me and the order was updated only on 30/12. I bought two packs of Dragon's Dynamite. I was expecting them to arrive in the original package, but I got only the truffles without any information of quantity, type of truffle, date of expiry, instructions and I'm not even confident to ask them about this since they didn't reply any of my previous messages.
Clara Favero - 5 maanden geleden
Most famous smartshop in town. Nice chill out area at the back. Nice book selection all about plant medicine and psychedelics.
Anja Miletic - 7 maanden geleden
Staff very friendly, they answered all of our questions and suggested a beginner-friendly product. Will definitely come back
Mariella-ella - 8 maanden geleden
Amazing place and lovely staff. Very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is magical
mayank sewlia - 8 maanden geleden
This is quite an inviting place with happy atmosphere. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable.
Higher Consciousness Energy - 8 maanden geleden
Check out Amsterdam based ethical DURGA brand one of a kind Art Coats in collaboration with local international artists and tribal artisans met during travelling.. The unique artistic slow fashion coats are physically exposed at the incredible Kokopelli Smartshop and Gallery
Sajid Dahan - 9 maanden geleden
Absolutely the best, ask for Bram and let him show you his art he's your guide there. Thank you
Shubhangi Verma - 9 maanden geleden
Beautiful experience I must say because of the assortment you get here. Plus is the people running this place. They are very friendly give you the expert advice ☺️
Océane PIENKOWSKI - 9 maanden geleden
Nice place with some various products, staff friendly and helpful.
Raia Man - 10 maanden geleden
Super nice place, really helpful staff and wonderful atmosphere
Michaela Hrabakova - 10 maanden geleden
Very nice place with cozy den at the back of the store, with lot of plants, colours, and riverview outside. The most hospitable and helpful staff. I loved it!
Yiangos Kleopas (yiangosjr) - 11 maanden geleden
Good Place chill trippy.
Psimo - 11 maanden geleden
Incredible experience with hospitable and knowledgable staff, we stayed in their indoor area for hours tripping balls
Aristotelis Lordos - 11 maanden geleden
Great truffle experience. Staff was helpful and very professional
Filippo Ruberto - 11 maanden geleden
Awesome products, the staff is very kind and professional. Prices are ok, around the average.
Sebastian Poewe - 1 jaar geleden
1. Experience was wonderful
Yue CHENG - 1 jaar geleden
A very professional shop, the service staff is very good and responsible. Because it was the first time I wanted to try strong mushrooms, they didn't want to sell it to me. This makes me feel very sweet.
маnon L. - 1 jaar geleden
In LOVE with that shop
Ibrahim Mejeed - 1 jaar geleden
Lovely experience, staff are amazing, always glad to help whatever you ask them. The vibe is so relaxing, view is crazy cool. Will be back soon
Christopher Fayolle - 1 jaar geleden
Very nice place, chill environment, relaxing music, the staff is always enthusiastic and ready to give you info at anytime and help you with what you're looking for or wondering about. Perfect place to buy some smart stuff and have a relaxing time enjoying a drink at the rear of the shop, sitting on a couch and watching the canal through the big window. Went there 4 times in 4 days, I absolutely recommend this place !
Greg Gonzales - 1 jaar geleden
Best Smart shop ever, staff is kind and really positive, place is cool, and you have a really beautiful landscape from the window.
Kevin Schmidt - 1 jaar geleden
Probably one of the best experiences I've had in Amsterdam, very friendly and helpful staff and a trip-lounge in the back. You can buy truffles here and also e joy your trip, 10/10 would recommend again, great atmosphere!
Fabian Guse - 1 jaar geleden
Great shop! The staff was very helpful and enjoyed his job.
Louise Ten Houten - 2 jaar geleden
It is THE best place to go. They can answer all your questions and explain everything. And there is really nice chill area in the back of the store
Gergő Stich - 2 jaar geleden
Probably the coolest smart shop in Amsterdam. You can see how much effort and consideration the creators put into the concept, the selecting the products and creating the atmosphere. You can buy a bunch of interesting stuff, books, and there is a small area in the back with a view where you can chill a bit.
James Brittain - 2 jaar geleden
Best smart shop in Amsterdam!! The staff are really helpful and they don’t force anything on you. You will walk into some shops and they will instantly ask a question like “want any truffles today?” without giving any information etc. Here you can ask questions and have a proper conversation about whatever you want to know. They have a small little section at the back of the shop where they allow customers to go and trip also! They brought over some water and blankets for us and made sure it was a relaxed environment! Other tourists came in (just for a sit down) whilst we were tripping and they were very friendly! I recommend this smart shop, even if you don’t want to do truffles, it’s a nice shop to visit!
Chalice . - 2 jaar geleden
Very kind staff, who helped with recommendation and advice. Ideally located. Good prices. Nice decor. And most importantly, kept our umbrella safe after we had forgotten it!
Anette Zeimentz - 2 jaar geleden
I tripped for the first time in Kokopelli and it was magical. The view from the windows is insanely beautiful and the vibes are great. The friendliness of the staff really added to the experience. Thanks!
فراس النجار - 2 jaar geleden
This is my second time buying from this shop and I think they're great. Both times the seller was very helpful and welcoming. I dealt with a couple of the others here in Amsterdam before and I can't say that I feel the same way about them.
Jennifer Chan - 2 jaar geleden
Super friendly and informative staff. If you're clueless and want to try, definitely come here! Good stuff for good prices. Though I was annoyed they weren't open as stated and found out it was cause of a staff retreat. Should of posted a sign about it or note it online as we made the trip there and disappointed it was closed and had to come back the next day.
Summer Horan - 2 jaar geleden
This is the best shop in all of Amsterdam. The staff is so knowledgeable and sweet. Their are so many products to choose from, and they provide a safe, beautiful spot to trip. I will always come back here when I visit Amsterdam
Dean Dsouza - 2 jaar geleden
Amazing place, good quality product and really helpful staff. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want, they're really there to assist you have the best time. The product was amazing as well.
Adel Khosroshahi - 3 jaar geleden
Very nice place, staff are caring, respectful and super positive people. They see their clients as their guests and make them comfortable. 100% suggested

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