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Aleksei Egorov - 4 months ago
great range, thank you
Ruben Mes - 1 year ago
Indian Spirit is an allround smartshop that offers their own brand products of herbs and truffles, and is oriented towards a wide audience. From just wanting 'to go hard'-people to 420-stoners, to trippy-minded people, e-liquid smokers, Indian Spirit can be your go-to smartshop, or a great store to visit when you are in the vicinity to get your sunny-day truffles. The shamanic side of things is included, with a whole corner displaying their own natural products, and of course their truffles with a big banner so you can choose. As for the design of the truffles, I'm divided on them. One the one hand, they're really eye-catching, and on the other the name of the truffle is obscured by the design is sometimes not clearly readable, besides the fact that I'm opposed to re-branding and re-naming otherwise well-known truffles. Calling Mexicana 'Planet X' seems just redundant to me. However, in all, some very cool designs, and I like the way they took it. Minor tweaks could potentially clear it up. But, selling Galindoii with a 22gram (or at all) package above other strains seems weird to me, as these truffles aren't as popular as others, and not as well know, besides giving typically a less pleasant experience than any other truffle. The kind staff informed me it was their best selling truffle, which baffled me. If it works it works, but I think it has to do with the branding, positioning and positive experience of the truffle, and not necessarily that this truffle is so good. Try Tampanensis on an empty stomach, or Atlantis, or Hollandia. Or be my guest and take 22gr of Galindoii and prove me wrong (maybe I'll have to do it myself, come to think of it)... Also, their staff informed me that their 'Holy Moly' is the truffle 'Valhalla', and I've heard from other sources this is a really good truffle as well. Very powerful. Note that this smartshop is smaller than the location in Ede, so go there if you want a bigger assortiment. In any case, catering mostly to stoners and smokers, I still really appreciate their effort at contributing to the Archaic Revival, and I'm interested to see them grow in the future.
Chiara Shakti Cincis - 1 year ago
Amazing herbal spliff mix is great and the staff is amazing and handsome
Slava Shevchuk - 1 year ago
Awesome place, has everything you can imagine!
Andrei Tertienko - 1 year ago
Amazing place, got all types of weird rolling papers and appliances of all sorts
Neil Mc Sharry - 1 year ago
Very nice shop! Good range of quality products and very friendly staff!
Timothee Bonte - 1 year ago
Nice shop to go, not just for smoking goods, good advice and sympathic owner. Everything you need to smoke and more. I recomend.
Matthijs Offerhaus - 1 year ago
Good store, super nice employees and large stock
Bahiran Hills - 1 year ago
Insane experience with the truffles, perfect recommendation for what I was looking for. Thanks
jarno klein - 1 year ago
Great smartshop, friendly service and everything you need!
Good Spirit - 1 year ago
Good products!
Berkan Kartal - 1 year ago
Amazing snartshop, must visit when you're in Wageningen! I feel so blessed that I don't have to go far away to get all my necessities.
Janisha NK O. - 1 year ago
Very organised shop, good customer service. And really nice and interesting products to buy.
Bharat Kisoensingh - 1 year ago
Amazing stuff
Kevin Mebel - 1 year ago
Toffe rookwaar zoals aanstekers en vloei. Ruim assortiment bongs en zeker het bezoeken waard. Vriendelijk personeel ook ben super goed geholpen door de jongen achter de Bali. Kortom een super goede ervaring. Ze hebben hier ook super goede CBD producten. Wat ik zelf ook heel gaaf vond zijn de truffels met een mooi uitleg briefje en duidelijkheid welke welke sterkte is, dat is ook top gedaan!
Kapitein Min - 1 year ago
Ken je dat gevoel van puur geluk? Dat gevoel krijg je elke keer als je de Indian spirit binnenstapt. Fantastische medewerkers en hele smakelijke producten. Je leven is niet compleet als je nog nooit langs bent geweest. 10 plus
Pieke Van der Weerd - 2 years ago
Vandaag ben ik een kijkje gaan nemen in deze winkel. De winkel zelf is erg mooi en het personeel is erg vriendelijk en weet veel van zijn producten. Ik ga hier zeker vaker terugkomen!
Aike De Vette - 2 years ago
Top store, now been twice and you are really helped. A place where the staff still have time for you and answer your questions with attention.
Esther Kox - 2 years ago
Really super wide range, very fast delivery and everything is neatly packaged. Very happy with it!
George van Suchtelen - 2 years ago
Nice assortment in the store, friendly employees who take the time to give good advice!
Michiel van Buuren - 2 years ago
Top store and good service. Received my order quickly. Thanks for the good help!
Thijs Geijtenbeek - 2 years ago
Best shop in Wageningen!
Stefan de Gans - 2 years ago
What a great store, they had everything I needed! Staff were friendly and could test everything. Really worth stopping by
Tim H - 2 years ago
This is going to be really fat!
NOVI Gadgets - 2 years ago
Best smartshop in Wageningen !!

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