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Noordstraat 66, Tilburg (Centrum)

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Musique Fan - 4 months ago
Large assortment and friendly service. recommend.
Mindaugas Danelius - 9 months ago
Huge assortment, werry friendly and helpful staff.
bennyovsky - 10 months ago
Very good Offert.
Zenon Danon - 11 months ago
Well supplied shop with (now) polish support!
DjTotem . - 11 months ago
They are a bit pricey when it comes to truffles but overall not bad. Also they don't have bunch of stuff like when it comes to herbs, just a few ones.
Obreja Bogdan - 1 year ago
Very good smart shop
Bogdan-Dorin Obreja - 1 year ago
Very good smart shop
Alfred Wymyk - 1 year ago
Not good choices
emiliqn borisov - 1 year ago
Good atmosphere, a lot of choice..
Marcel Wamil - 1 year ago
Probably best in Nijmegen
Calem Philbeck - 1 year ago
Awesome place, very friendly staff.

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