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Manuel Mendez - 6 maanden geleden
Hello, good, I am Spanish in Tilburg, Holland (my birthplace) and I have been a little over a month, I do not handle English very well and not to mention Dutch, hehehe, however this site seems to me to be a recommended site for buy rolling tobacco and any other article dedicated to the smoker. A must visit if you are a smoker as is my case.
Vilius Budrys - 8 maanden geleden
They sell CBD products as THC and say you will get really high from them. Don't buy in their shop, the products are terrible quality and the staff straight up lies to you.
Silvano Asiyo - 11 maanden geleden
Really cool place. The guys who work there are really nice and explain how to use their products well. Will definitely go back !
Better Shwerpy - 1 jaar geleden
Got Purple Rain mushrooms here and they are great, I recommend this smartshop
Izuselo elo123 - 1 jaar geleden
Good atmosphere and will be fun with my smarties
Arizona Ranger - 1 jaar geleden
Bought the strongest truffles at the moment (valhalla) and got very disappointed... They don't do anything at all...
Christian Hanak - 1 jaar geleden
I have bought 3 packages of truffles, Dragonfly's, Valhalla, Hawaiian, on different dates, very good quality, and the boy is very nice, he answers any questions. For me one of the best in Tilburg.
Aphony - 1 jaar geleden
Great shop with well quality products
Marco Snel - 1 jaar geleden
Friendly service
Evaldas ─îiukšys - 1 jaar geleden
Everything what you can find at smartshops you can find here at Flynhigh Smartshop
Sky Sunna - 1 jaar geleden
They were nice and had everything I needed
Musique Fan - 2 jaar geleden
Large assortment and friendly service. recommend.
Mindaugas Danelius - 3 jaar geleden
Huge assortment, werry friendly and helpful staff.
bennyovsky - 3 jaar geleden
Very good Offert.
Zenon Danon - 3 jaar geleden
Well supplied shop with (now) polish support!
DjTotem . - 3 jaar geleden
They are a bit pricey when it comes to truffles but overall not bad. Also they don't have bunch of stuff like when it comes to herbs, just a few ones.
Obreja Bogdan - 3 jaar geleden
Very good smart shop
Bogdan-Dorin Obreja - 3 jaar geleden
Very good smart shop
Alfred Wymyk - 3 jaar geleden
Not good choices
emiliqn borisov - 3 jaar geleden
Good atmosphere, a lot of choice..
Marcel Wamil - 3 jaar geleden
Probably best in Nijmegen
Calem Philbeck - 4 jaar geleden
Awesome place, very friendly staff.

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