To limit the spread of the coronavirus, the government has decided that all non-essential stores must be closed at 5 p.m. from November 28, 2021.

Magic Moments

Closed indefinitely
Orthenstraat 43, 's-Hertogenbosch

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This shop is closed indefinitely.
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Nickskuhh HMD - 1 year ago
Friendly and has what you need, unfortunately often stand in front of a closed door .. already about 6 ..
Stefan Top - 2 years ago
Geweldige service en goede prijzen! Top zaak
Marnix H - 2 years ago
Blady - 2 years ago
Dobre trufle
Theo Schaerlaeckens - 2 years ago
Mooie winkel en altijd aardig personeel kom er graag
Gidon Schers - 3 years ago
Goeie winkel, mooie spul te koop. Aardige man als personeel.

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