Repelsteeltje Grand Koffieshop
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Grote Hoogstraat 44, Leeuwarden

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Johnny Boy - 1 month ago
Nice place to walk in and enjoy a coffee or a smoke. It give you a warm feeling just like home. When you having a smoke, a drink, playing a game or just having a laugh. Only downside is the toilet. Small and awkward.
THIS IS JR - 3 months ago
Nice coffee
Ammar OG - 9 months ago
Very nice stuff and cozy place
inklingsplasher - 1 year ago
Great mushrooms, wide variety of weed, nice and cozy seating and friendly employees.
Devanthar Prophet - 1 year ago
Very nice Building. Great Hospitality and overall just perfect.
Freddy - 1 year ago
Those pure pre-rolled Amnesia Haze joints shoot my straight into the atmosphere. I would recommend definitely. 6/5
Picco - 1 year ago
Fav. shop in town
???????? ????? - 1 year ago
Very cozy.
Tiki Doe - 1 year ago
The guy working there kept 10 euros in change. Thief alert.
Richard Marks - 2 years ago
Chai is wonderful and the staff here are all extremely helpful
Mort Garson - 2 years ago
One of the best coffeeshops I’ve been to, great selection of weed and drinks and really fancy atmosphere. Good music too

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