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Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 37, Groningen (Binnenstad)

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Peter Murphy - 1 month ago
If you're looking for a psychedelic and unique experience, this smartshop in Groningen is definitely worth a visit. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and they offer a wide range of products to choose from.
Ben Nitz (beAware) - 1 month ago
by far the best smartshop in groningen. great customer service and best selection of products, will always come here again!
Z.B. Kovari - 1 month ago
very nice place, good quality products and amazing customer service! definitely recommend, my favorite smartshop in Groningen!
Sebastian Salvador - 2 months ago
Very cool place. Asides from the great arrangment of posters & art (that you won't find anyplace else), they have an excellent selection of glassware and rolling supplies (even see through rolling papers I haven't seen in years!). They also sell many cool herbs & truffles. 10/10 would visit again.
Gregor Struwe - 3 months ago
Really apreciate the owner offering advice on whatever you need from something trivial like a lighter choice, to more serious stuff like how to best prepare for a trip. Layout is nice and open and they got most stuff you expect or need from a smartshop. Also the glassware looks dope.
Alexander Rose - 10 months ago
Friendly guy, knowledgable and quality selection!
Lasse Vuursteen - 10 months ago
Best smartshop in Groningen. Beautiful shop, great products/ advice and super nice people.
Rifaat Orfali - 11 months ago
Great shop. Has everything you need, and the owner is super friendly!! :)
Eckhard Köhn - 11 months ago
This Smartshop is the go-to destination in Groningen. - You will be consulted in a highly professional manner by Marko and Arian on all matters from seasonally affected depression to depression treatment by psilolycin and truffls. - You will feel safe and guided at any given moment and pay very fair only for what is needed. - Enjoy a better and lighter life thereafter !
Cleo deSouza - 1 year ago
Really is the best smart shop in Groningen
Carl Lübbke - 1 year ago
Very kind and helpful shopowner both physically and mentally. Great shop design and beautiful artworks. Best headshop in groningen.m
Lucie Robbers - 1 year ago
very inviting shop, friendly employee who clearly cared about informing his customers on their first time taking psychedelics. My group had a fun and comfortable first time taking truffles, thanks to the information and tips :) highly recommended!
Antonina Rauch - 1 year ago
Very good customer service and only good experiences with the products
jaschi - 1 year ago
One of the most beautiful smartshops in town. The service is great and very helpful and the shop differs very much from other smartshops as one can not only find a great selection of good products but also a wide range of artistic creations such as prints, clothing and handmade jewelry. It’s the perfect place for buying personal gifts and supporting local artists!
Viktor Balogh - 1 year ago
THE place for smoking supplies, alternative clothing and more. Owner is knowledgeable and helpful. Seriously recommended!
alka renu - 1 year ago
Probably the most informative smart shop in town! Loved the offers and the products.
Lottie Brignall - 1 year ago
Jasper van 't Hoff - 2 years ago
Way different than your average smartshop. It feels like coming home, with shopowner Marko being the mother who wants to take care of you. It's also amazing he supports local artists by giving them a platform to sell their art/clothes/whatever.
Tim Haarsma - 2 years ago
Way better than your average smartshop, owner is friendly and knows his products.
Joas Veenstra - 2 years ago
Great store, owner knows where you talks about and gives you really good advise and gives a real down to earth vibe, store looks good and the products are diverse. Overall it looks real professional. I advise to go here.
Carl-Cyril Dreue - 2 years ago
Just checked it out and looks very promising. Worker was very friendly and informative. Definitely keeping an eye out for it.
Reinis Jansons - 2 years ago
Great service and diverse inventory

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