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Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 37, Groningen (Binnenstad)

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alka renu - 1 month ago
Probably the most informative smart shop in town! Loved the offers and the products.
Lottie Brignall - 1 month ago
Jasper van 't Hoff - 2 months ago
Way different than your average smartshop. It feels like coming home, with shopowner Marko being the mother who wants to take care of you. It's also amazing he supports local artists by giving them a platform to sell their art/clothes/whatever.
Tim Haarsma - 2 months ago
Way better than your average smartshop, owner is friendly and knows his products.
Carl-Cyril Dreue - 3 months ago
Just checked it out and looks very promising. Worker was very friendly and informative. Definitely keeping an eye out for it.
Reinis Jansons - 4 months ago
Great service and diverse inventory

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