Smartshop de Hollandia
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Steentilstraat 49, Groningen (Binnenstad)

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Karīna Briede - 5 months ago
Very kindly personal, helped and answered to all questions. Really recommended, if needed help to find anything. 5 stars goes to De Hollandia ✌
Jan Meijer - 4 years ago
Guy that works there was very helpful both times I went. Bought magic mushrooms and peyote seeds.
Charles W - 4 years ago
I remember they used to sell 4fmp back then when it wasn't yet banned. They still have good mushrooms though. I would recommend this place, it's more "familiar" than others in the city.
christopher rehm - 4 years ago
Very helpful
Žiga Aberšek - 4 years ago
Very nice shop with a lot of stuff
Joseph Nieps - 5 years ago
The largest selection weed related stuff in the city.
Fabio Daone - 5 years ago
High prices but a bit bigger sortiment

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