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Willemstraat 29, Eindhoven (Centrum)

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Pyccac - 1 week ago
Love the bong'mask, a lot of choice
Lucia D Ippolito - 3 weeks ago
Even though i was the only person in the store, the lady behind the counter never stopped going through her leaflet to help me find what i was looking for. Come to this store to experience the ultimate Dutch service!
Ivana Pohl - 1 month ago
Amazing and prices are really good. I already bought half of the store xD
Agile Fragile - 7 months ago
Shop is looking nice.
vivka - 9 months ago
We were given answers to our questions even though the guy said he hasn't tried those things we were asking about. There are many interesting things inside.
Martin - 10 months ago
Very nice front man, explains everything, for the first time gave all the instructions, shop was nice, highly recommend this place
CHETAN BHALEKAR - 11 months ago
It has everything you need to make your free time much more interesting
Symeon Psyllas - 1 year ago
Good store
Shannon Walker - 1 year ago
No complaints!
KaraK - 1 year ago
Crumbly and tasty brownies:,D
Howchen - 1 year ago
very friendly staff. Even willing to give free replacement when it didn't work.
Dani Elek - 1 year ago
We got everything that we wanted and the cashier was incredibly friendly! She even would have helped me transfer money to my bank account! Can only recommend it!
A. Priede - 1 year ago
Its a nice place to visit, to buy staff relaxed to magic mushroom, and many more things!
nicopico56 - 2 years ago
Great service,friendly staff.Very decent equipment for sale.
A Bc - 2 years ago
Amazing quality after 0 uses.
Demon Puke - 2 years ago
Magnus - 2 years ago
professional & friendly, I recommend
Esther Snippe - 3 years ago
Pretty good variety, but b clear about what exactly you want (ie. Say "I need 1 1/4 inch papers", over saying "I need medium papers" because twice I have walked away with the wrong thing and only noticed when I got home. Very conveniently located close to one to of Eindhovens top coffee shops.
Alex - 3 years ago
They are very helpful when it concerns sales. However when it comes to customer help, it is quiet horrid. I had to visit the store multiple times (6 to be exact) and was still told that they wont exchange the faulty product in the end because it can not be resold to another of their clients. Like what??!!
Jae S. - 3 years ago
Love! The girl that is always in there is very friendly and helpful! They have everything you would need. If you don’t see what you want just ask! FYI this is not a coffeeshop.
Shashank Singhal - 3 years ago
They got so much stuff.its a smokers paradise
Andis Savickis - 3 years ago
Fair selection of everything a psychonaut would want
Ɓukasz Garbarek - 3 years ago
Strongly recomended. Helpful and very competent staff with proper knowledge. Stuff which I buyed there was exactly like was explained to me. Actually I'm AFTER and I'm very content ;)
Zdravko Kolev - 3 years ago
If you are searching for truffles or weed seeds this is your place ;)
Flexsys . - 3 years ago
A modern smartshop with some great space efficiency. The service was not good at all though. They were talking to each other and you couldn't ask a question without interupting them.
L Z - 3 years ago
Best Smart Shop in Eindhoven! Friendly staff and great products.
Daniel Kupracz - 4 years ago
Smart house - you can buy there, what in other.

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