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Stationsweg 109, Den Haag (Centrum)

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Azarius Smartshop

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Bonn Srisaikham - 1 year ago
According to Google Maps, the opening times of the store are until 8pm. However, once I came there on Sunday around 7:30pm the store was already closed. The funny thing is that on the store’s front door it said that it is open until 8pm as well. Which made me travel all the way there for nothing. Opening times of the store have to be adjusted!
hello world - 1 year ago
Plamen Ivanov - 1 year ago
The seller doesn't know much about what he sells but he made a good bargain by decreasing the price by 10 percent. Otherwise, good and quality products and a very big assortment
Alia Linz - 3 years ago
They don’t have a sign. Don’t bother.
Ruben Richardson - 3 years ago
Kinda expensive but the next closes sweatshop is quite a ways away. Guy didn't seem to know much about what he's selling but he was helpful.

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