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Closed indefinitely
Kamp 84, Amersfoort (Stadskern)

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This shop is closed indefinitely.
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Dianne Van der bijl - 7 months ago
ik kwam in de winkel om iets voor mijn vriend te halen ik heb zelf weinig verstand van shisha. de meneer in de winkel nam de tijd om uitleg te geven. ik ben heel vriendelijk behandeld, erg fijn!
Christiaan Wiesenekker - 8 months ago
Het zijn vriendelijke mensen en ze hebben me super geholpen. Je kan er alleen niet pinnen.
Krzystof Przybysz - 1 year ago
The service is a travesty, the range is very expensive and poor.
408760 - 3 years ago
Amy de luxe bongs way too expensive So order via the internet have only bought 1 for 105 found out later that they are 60 euros online!
Damion Papôt (iqdpb alias 'Superthug') - 4 years ago
I used to buy Mushrooms & Mexican Flat cups, 2CB. Rolls + snuff tubes, and yesterday I just stood there looking at those (Sheisha) pipes with those snakes that you can go well enjoy the taste and smell during the smoking itself. .. Well tasty, and again new ways to enjoy the many different flavors, and say goodbye to harmful inhalants that you can also smoke over the lungs become delicious, and fantastic invention for relaxation And convert to higher spheres, with what else weed? '... Hey! " It's yours! ' Peace- D. from the Netherlands. (I do speak the Dutch language.)
KVN BRND-TV - 4 years ago
Mikel Knegjens - 6 years ago
Many for sale, excellent and honest advice. Good service
Arjaan Peree - 6 years ago
nice store

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