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Thai Magic Mushroom Spores 1x 5ML

€ 20,00

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Magic Mushroom Spores - Thai Strain Do you want to grow your own mushrooms? Wanna take your mycology to the next level? Get your own magic mushroom spore culture! Mexican Stropharia Cubensis substrain is loved by many for a unique feature that no other magic mushrooms can replicate - an inside body heat effect. They're perfect for first-time psychonauts and are one of the weaker magic mushrooms which make your trips amazing! If you're new to exploring the trippy world of magic mushrooms, look no further than this Thai strain that is perfect for beginners. The effects will be fairly mild in moderate doses and very relaxed - perfect for first-time psychonauts who want a taste of what it's like on the other side without diving into an intense trip. Plus, these mushrooms are incredibly easy to grow so if you do decide to take a leap with your growing skills, they'll give you years of great harvests.