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Super Skunk 3 seeds

€ 17,50

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Product information

Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds Vision Seeds Super Skunk is a great choice for classic and old-school strain growers, and also for complete beginners. With THC levels tending to be lower than average, Super Skunk is perfect for very sensitive cannabis enthusiasts looking to reduce the chance of feeling overstimulated. The overall performance of the plant remains fairly stable; while it takes about 9 weeks from seedling stage before any other crop, such as bud or root level transplants should be attempted in order to avoid inducing shock effects. The flavor? Well, you guessed it: skunky! One of the best strains forbeginners and also a great choice for regular growers who want to keep things low-key. She makes great Indica dominant buds which will provide you with a really relaxing smoke while smelling like skunk!