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Northern Lights 5 seeds

€ 25,00

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Product information

Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds Enjoy classic old-school cannabis feeling with this Northern Lights Cannabis Strain! From the sweet-smelling flowers to the heavy, lethargic body effects you'll enjoy, this Indica is a must for both indoor and outdoor growers. Similar to her sweet taste— which you'll either love or hate — Northern Lights boasts an Indica strain that will knock your socks off in all the right ways - with pungent and sweet aromas carrying themselves throughout the entire transaction! This heavy Indica strain provides luscious greasy resin production; not to mention, its smooth THC potency kicks up your appetite like no other kind. Newbies should take caution because this weed packs quite a punch. We warned you! Who says Indica strains can't be fun? Named after the Aurora Borealis, this frosty strain will take you on a trip deep into cloudy nights of days gone by. Her potent genetics match with other delightfully wacky strains that are best for the taste buds. All packed tightly in dense, medium-sized buds overflowing with mouthwatering flavor - making for something irresistible! You'll experience an intense wave of relaxation that will last long pastits first high.