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Nicole x OG 3 seeds

€ 32,50

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Product information

Nicole x OG Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds Nicole X OG by Vision Seeds is one of our prettiest plants that can amaze you with the size of her yield. Her THC levels are unbeatable, which makes her even more popular in the experienced cannabis user community. The taste of this lady is out of this world. You'll experience a peculiar berry aroma mixed with citrus and earthy tones that will make you want to go back for more. This Indica dominant lady starts kicking with strong lethargic effects that will send you into a complete state of relaxation, while flickering away your mental stressors, leaving you in pure delight all over again. This heavy indica is an OG Kush x Nicole strain that features low-key cohesiveness and an up-to-light aroma. The taste of berry predominates, mixed with citrus and a hint of earthiness. The high starts slow but intensifies to the point where there's no doubt you're baked out! With its mix of heady highs, this should be your next night-time smoke!