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La Blanca Gold 5 seeds

€ 25,00

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Product information

La Blanca Gold Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds Vision Seeds La Blanca Gold is a mean queen of all things sticky that features production levels of resin through the roof and offers some very high CBD that still makes it viable for certain medical needs. This lady loves to grow with some below-average yields covered in crystals. If you're looking for a more dynamic smoking experience with an enjoyable CBD/THC balance, this lady might just be your new best friend. La Blanca Gold is a bud with a crisp, floral earthy scent and taste. The effects are nicely balanced, inducing the feeling of being lifted up andenergized without being too overbearing. This strain’s THC content will creep you right out to sleep without any troubles; 2 hours after indulgence you will be dreaming away about how beautiful life can be even during tough times.