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Gorilla Glue nr4 5 seeds

€ 60,00

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Product information

Feminized Gorilla Glue nr4 Cannabis Seeds from Chronic Caviar (USA) - 5 Seeds The Gorilla nr4 cannabis seeds are potent indica-leaning hybrid that want to hit you with the power of a "strongest glue!". Period. We know you may have tried other cannabis seeds before, but if this is your first time trying Gorilla Glue nr4 Cannabis Seeds, prepare yourself for the most mind-blowing growing experience of all times. We are serious when we say that these are one of the finest potent indica leaning hybrid (but with sativa effects) in the world. The strain will hide its name well by providing an intense taste spectrum and smooth long lasting high blows. With a perfect balance between indicas and sativas, Gorilla Glues has already won many cannabis cups to their name which proves not only their quality but also potency.