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Cola Nut Capsules

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Cola Nut from Indian Elements is made from the seed of the Cola Nitida plant, also known as Kola Nut. This cocoa-related plant can reach a height of about 20 meters. The trees are mainly found in various tropical jungles in Africa. The seeds used for the caps naturally contain caffeine. We also find this natural stimulant in coffee, for example, so the effects are comparable. Because of the caffeine, Cola Nut can provide a nice energy boost. This suppresses the feeling of fatigue and gives the brain just the boost you need. The Cola Nut can also provide a slightly euphoric feeling and thereby improve both endurance and concentration. Thanks to its stimulating properties, the Cola Nut can also be used as a weight loss aid. In addition to its stimulating effects on energy metabolism, the product may be able to improve metabolism, suppress hunger and aid digestion. This can make losing weight a little easier than usual. The name of this herb may have already sounded familiar to you, and that is not entirely coincidental. Cola Nut was for years the main ingredient of the well-known soft drink. Ingredients: Cola Nitida About Indian Elements: Indian Elements has a wide range of great herbs and spice mixes. These versatile products all have unique properties. Whether you are looking for extra energy, a natural trip or just want to relax: Indian Elements is ready for you. Easy to use, 100% natural and 100% vegan.

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