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Bruce Banner 5 seeds

€ 60,00

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Product information

Feminized Bruce Banner Cannabis Seeds from Chronic Caviar (USA) - 5 Seeds When Bruce Banner first came out, it was an instant hit! It's a US strain known as one of the first with such high THC up to 30%. Users report completely happy and euphoric feelings. With such high levels of THC, this cannabis is more effective than other strains so be careful if you're not prepared for that kind of potency. There is a reason why this strain was named after big, bad, angry, green hulk. It smashes! Expect a strong terpene composition accentuated by humulene, myrcene, eugenol ,terpinolene- which give out pungent aromas that will have you sniffing all around town! The Bruce Banner still retains some fruity flavors keeping things light-hearted yet curative at the same time.