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Blue Magic 10 Seeds (€80.00)

Amsterdam Genetics

€ 80,00

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Product information

The New Spicy Hybrid With Incredible Power After countless selections we have been able to create a cannabis variant, which we think is going to kick in the cannabis world. The Blue Magic is an Indica dominant hybrid, featuring a unique aroma and taste and a very high THC percentage. Due to her spicy taste, the extremely sweet“exhale” and the awesome potential, many consumers experience this strain, a “magical” experience. The effect of the Blue Magic is almost immediately noticeable and gives the user a heavy, physical “Body Buzz”. Due to the high Indica percentage in this cross, we advise a slightly longergrowth period with Blue Magic as with our other Indica dominant hybrids.  The plants produce thick compact buds that are harvested after about 9 weeks.