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Jumbo Pink Perforated Rolling Tips 50 packs

€ 23,95

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Pink Rolling Papers Want to roll and smoke a pink joint? Jumbo Pink rolling paper and tip collection have everything you need to smoke your joints in the pink fashion! They even have pink pre-rolled cones for the lazy smokers out there... If you love pink, you will love the thought that all your joints, from now on - can be pink! Get all your pink rolling supplies from Jumbo. Jumbo Smoking Supplies Jumbo is a quality Dutch rolling paper and smoking supply brand that aims to allow smokers to get quality supplies at an affordable price. The guys behind Jumbo claim that all their products are being made in the same factories as other more popular and more established brands, so their quality should match any smoking supply producer in the market! Jumbo also is known for its unique multi-color rolling paper supply.