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willy G - 2 maanden geleden
Was happy. But the order was not delivered to 24h, and when the delivery was there, they also delivered the wrong products. To date, I have not received a response to my email about incorrectly delivered products. They could have done better
Krystian Stelmaszczyk - 9 maanden geleden
The only Smart shop in Lelystad, but they are very specific, have various stuff and can be surely recomended.
Андрей Дикевич - 10 maanden geleden
Happy caps .....don't bye.... Like a listen radio ...
Navin Sobhie - 1 jaar geleden
Top site !
Jonathan D - 1 jaar geleden
Best service I've received. Came in clutch to rescue a birthday party, with a last minute order delivered on the same day! How do I give this 10/5 stars?
bert bouweriks - 2 jaar geleden
Great site, does exactly what it promises
Trazx Clan - 2 jaar geleden
Top service!!!

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