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Noorddijk 3, Hazerswoude-Dorp

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Csaba Garaguly - 8 maanden geleden
We came to: Noorddijk 3, 2391 CE Hazerswoude-Dorp address as the google map says, nothing just a closed old buildings. We also called them there were no answer. We looked inside trough the window, it looked like they use to sell truffles and other stuff but everything was covered by dust. Please update your google information since it is far away from everything and people spend time to get here..!
Red Martell - 2 jaar geleden
Awesome place
Jianzheng Wang - 2 jaar geleden
The best truffles you can find in Netherlands, the staffs are very friendly and prepared, just follow the instructions gave by them. My personal advice: always keep in fridge and eat it as soon as possible
Vax liakos - 3 jaar geleden
Perfect orientation to how you will have a nice trip and how to eat your stuff... Bravo!
Musawenkosi Khulu - 3 jaar geleden
I really need to go to Amsterdam some day, if anyone wants to take me please feel free
Smokers Guide Products - 3 jaar geleden
THE BEST magic truffles in the city! Always recently cultivated and delivered fresh, these suckers are ideal for those who are looking to expand their minds for a half a day or so... Multiple varieties on offer, we'll post some photos here. They're available at many of the city's Smart Shops and of course at #Chills&Thrills
GBK DEV - 4 jaar geleden
Been here twice. Once was two years ago when I got some truffles. They were good quality and we had a good time. The second time was last year and It was the Christmas eve. It was sadly closed so I didn't get to purchase. It was pretty great.
Sam Bristow - 5 jaar geleden
The truffles were good but didn't get any visual effects it was all body. The owner of the store knows his stuff and is happy to talk you through options so you can get the right trip for you. I'd recommend popping in as he stocks truffles a lot of the other stores don't have. Everywhere else seemed to be all the same stuff.

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