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Robbie van der Knijff - 3 maanden geleden
Just happened to walk by, looked a bit sketchy. I went inside anyway because I like a challenge. Came into conversation, great conversation. Bought a few truffles, a lighter and long flu, I forgot at the pit stop. Eaten truffles, stripped to pieces. Top stuff
Clo Flos - 3 maanden geleden
The truffles are really amazing! The service is excellent and they guide you with everything. I say try the dutch dragons and you never want anything else
Krips Eiro - 3 maanden geleden
Finally a Smartshop in Alphen! Highly recommended. Stop by quickly, otherwise I'll buy everything empty! 5 stars!
Jim Duivenstijn - 3 maanden geleden
nice staff was looking for truffles and they were good at helping with the right kind and dosage for a beginner
Wesley Wiggemansen - 3 maanden geleden
Great help today, very nice case And good stuff definitely recommended !!!
Francy Becerra - 3 maanden geleden
The shop looks cool on the inside! Staff very friendly and give you the correct information. The delivery is also top arranged. Here I will order more often!
lara van egmond - 5 maanden geleden
Very nice shop with a wide range. Very helpful staff. Top!
Ricardo Niemel - 5 maanden geleden
Great webshop, very fast with delivery and very competitive with the prices.
ola k - 6 maanden geleden
Jip Bogaert - 7 maanden geleden
Friendly and helpful staff and very discreet. Wide range and if they do not have it in stock, it will be neatly ordered. And delivered at the agreed time. Good location and easily accessible by public transport. Parking space nearby. All in all a must.
Max - 7 maanden geleden

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