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Always Crypto - 1 year ago
Amnesia Haze Top shop
Sebastian Zeń - 2 years ago
The old lady at the desk is psycho
Jar Lower - 2 years ago
Rudeness from the seller!
Jason Craft - 2 years ago
Rudeness from the seller!
Wiebe H - 3 years ago
twinzz - 3 years ago
Weinig keus maar goeie kwaliteit amnesia Met een 10tje de gram niet de duurste
T p - 4 years ago
Been in Holland for 6 months. This was by far the worst quality herb I have smoked truly awful
Ronald Tyron - 4 years ago
Weed is good but new stuff (new week | new weed) sometimes is low quality
Mohammad Saeed - 4 years ago

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