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Виктория Аверина - vor 3 Monaten
It's amazing place, beautiful shop owner and incredible goods!
Emily Loosli - vor 5 Monaten
This shop and the owner are exceptional. Just like us she had just watched Michael Pollan’s Netflix doc „How to change your mind.“ But her experience surpasses his so she is a treasure chest of experience combined with knowing the state of society on this important movement to normalize healing / personal-growth-inspiring mushrooms and plants. We are stepping carefully in discovery directions via truffle microdosing and megadosing. The owner is very experienced and at a level that is constructive vs. destructive/escapist or aimless. She gave us many insightful pointers and scenarios and tips. I honestly believe she was critical in shaping the next steps and future of our discovery and healing work with truffles. The product selection is really great. Everything is very fresh and well packed. The crystals and sage and supportive materials for ceremonial levels of administration are all here. Lovely place. Cannot recommend highly enough.
Daithi - vor 5 Monaten
Pleasant staff. Great range of products. Love the area!
Alexis Van Isacker - vor 8 Monaten
Really nice really sweet The unique ring is mine now ✊
Nancy Stigter - vor 11 Monaten
Great shop, very friendly staff who give you the right product info. The location of the store is easy to reach, I could park my car in front of the door. The price and quality of the products are fine! Well worth a visit!
Timon Federkeil - vor 11 Monaten
Verry Kind and helpfull!
Steven David - vor 11 Monaten
A very beautiful shop, with a very broad offer of sacred herbs, gem stones and musical instruments, with very friendly personel who are always willing to share their knowledge about the products and give expert advice on how to use them… A truly magical place, that’s perfect to find that special gift for your loved ones, or to just be inspired and wind down, connecting to your inner self… Go check it out!
Jannis - vor 11 Monaten
very friendly staff and extremely helpful if you want information about the products. we were extremely well advised and even got a very friendly discount on the Kratom. We highly recommend doing your shopping here.
sleezy sleez - vor 1 Jahr
Many good herbal blends and friendly staff!
Oliver Kalali - vor 1 Jahr
Lovely cozy place, with lovely staff who actually know about the experiences and can give you valuable hints, and generally all that you would wish from a smart-shop.
Willemijn van Wageningen (Willemijn) - vor 1 Jahr
Great little gem of a place. Large selection of stones, jewelry & other spiritual 'necessities'. Will definitely return
Paweł Chaciński - vor 1 Jahr
Very friendly and competent staff, I received all the necessary information and advice as to what to buy. Withe wide variety of products and reasonable prices definitely a place to go to.
David Jimenez - vor 1 Jahr
Costumer service from the heart. Absolutely a must place. Magical, professional and fascinating.
Chamara Gamage - vor 1 Jahr
Loved the experience and the information provided by the owner nice lady with strong knowledge on her products tried utopia and it's awesome. Kindly discuss with the owner about the products before you purchase
David Scarna - vor 2 Jahren
I just wanted to say thank you to Yvonne for this beautiful Hape, i love the quality , it s elegant , powerful, and it was packed with care. i ordered three of them and i am very happy with it.The communication and support with Yvonne was great. Thank you Herbal Spirit. :) David.
Sy M - vor 2 Jahren
Excellent service and Communication from the seller my parcel arrived today to UK with in one week of ordering which I think is pretty impressive In its self with every going on in the current plandemic . The bamboo incense sticks smell amazing n looking forward to starting my microdosing journey. Will be putting another order in soon thank u
Gergana Lyutskanova - vor 2 Jahren
been there few years ago. love the vibe, the pol and the staff i got!!
Bader ouled - vor 2 Jahren
For all your alternative medicine, helpful and friendly staff
Olafur Torfason - vor 2 Jahren
My new favourite smartshop in all of Netherlands! The staff is so friendly and helpful and the selection of herbs and crystals was beyond expectations.
Sander Buiter - vor 3 Jahren
This shop is listed as a Smart shop, but it sells a large range of crystals as well. In addition a lots of spiritual implements are to be found in the shop to. I could spend hours in the shop looking at the crystals, and beautiful jewellery. I have been to the shop 3 times now, being drawn to the crystals, and will most definitely come back again. The owner is amazingly knowledgeable, Thank you for the amazing guidance and friendly atmosphere you have.
Radzinos . - vor 3 Jahren
Great place, qualified Staff and big choice of quality products
Moe Hos - vor 3 Jahren
Nice lady and small shop
Phở Bò - vor 3 Jahren
Very friendly and helpful owner. Good advise regarding truffles.
Andie Candy - vor 3 Jahren
Stepping into this store was not only the highlight of my day, but my whole stay in The Hague. The atmosphere is super low-pressure, positive and vibrant. The lovely owner of the store made my day with conversation and a whole bunch of great advice. I’m completely satisfied with the product I bought, but more than that left with a lighter heart and with my faith in humanity restored. 10/10!!
Adrin Johnson - vor 3 Jahren
Great shop. Best truffles.. The lady was awesome with positive energy. Very knowledgeable with years of experience. Explained very well with her secret recipes.
Mariana Nikolova - vor 4 Jahren
First shop of its kind I've visited and the experience was great! The woman working there is very knowledgeable, and following her recommendations we had a great experience with the products. Recommend it especially for first-timers.

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