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Schoolstraat 11, Den Haag (Centrum)

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Mike - vor 1 Monat
Dont buy your truffles here they have a fridge for them but the things not even on and the doors wide open, you get your truffles in a plastic box not even vacuum packed inside the box like everywhere else and the truffles and the box are soaking wet when you get them its no wonder the strongest truffles here arnt even as strong as the weakest everywhere else. Waste of money and time. Store your truffles better!!!!!!!
Chris Kalkowski - vor 2 Monaten
Very great shop with very educated staff. All the products are also reasonably priced.
Samir Allioui - vor 2 Monaten
Friendly people who know what they are talking about and good although not the cheapest products.
user108 - vor 4 Monaten
worst customer service, cashier looks offended and passive agressive when I ask a question about the product,will only buy online from now on
Philip Meehan - vor 4 Monaten
Not sure what happened to the lady who works in here but they are not helpful and verging on rude. The products are the same everywhere so will take my business elsewhere. You can have a bad day a couple of times but this is just an attitude issue.
Natalia Nordheim - vor 5 Monaten
We've had a very good experience in this shop. The woman working there was super friendly and knowledgeable, she answered all our questions and the design of the shop is awesome. We felt very comfortable and will come back for sure next time we'll be in den haag :) The only negative aspect is the price, especially for the accessories (like grinders and ashtrays) that's a bit too high in our option.
VIZZ MIZZ - vor 5 Monaten
Best Shop for Truffels in Den Haag ! Great advice and support. Definetly recommended :)
Dawid Opalka - vor 7 Monaten
Good truffles, purple rain rules.
Alex Brodsky - vor 8 Monaten
Great headshop. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, plus some good glass and truffles !
SMV (Diotima) - vor 8 Monaten
Got some CBD oil and truffles from there. Employees are helpful and knowledgeable about the products they sell. They got huge variety of natural/herbal products and cures. Also the design of the store is cozy and clean. One of my favorite stores.
Tom Brown - vor 9 Monaten
Pretty far out man
Pasquale de Groot - vor 1 Jahr
Nice staff that knows what they're selling, will come back
szoker - vor 1 Jahr
True Legend. 6 on 5 stars.
White Boy Prod - vor 1 Jahr
Great place for people who want buy some trippy items, salesman is always ready to explain characteristics of each products, definitely Worth to make come by
Adam Sheikh - vor 1 Jahr
The absolute BEST smart shop in Den Haag. I only wish they had a bigger glass selection but everything else makes up for it. The have the essentials + more.
ff w - vor 1 Jahr
Best Smart Shop in the city!
Jessica - vor 2 Jahren
A very safe place to explore the world of magic truffles. Very informative staff. They also have flyers about many of the products they have so you can take home and read them before purchasing anything.
Lisa Dello - vor 2 Jahren
Awesome shop, fair prices. Nice gadgets gifts and souvenirs. Love love love it
Jurij Savliuk - vor 2 Jahren
Friendly and experienced assistant. Big choice of products
Robin Lae - vor 2 Jahren
Great Shop, friendly staff
Omar Abdellatif - vor 2 Jahren
Amazing spirit shop. One of the best in the Netherlands, not just in the city. Amazing staff and very knowledgeable.
Matthew Myrp - vor 2 Jahren
Smart Shop! As advertised
Todd Walter - vor 2 Jahren
the dude the runs the place is cool af best smart shop I have been hands down
Tommaso Fracaro - vor 3 Jahren
Friendly service, high quality products
lucy easton - vor 3 Jahren
I came in to ask advice on microdosing. First, the lady in the shop left me standing there whilst she talked to someone else and made them a coffee. A quick "i will be with you in a minute" would have nice but whatever. I was having difficulty understanding why you would use capsules and not just use scales. I do not profess to be an expert and have only microdosed a few times. It would have been great to talk to someone experienced. Was grateful for her tip on drying out the mushrooms first before microdosing, however, the lady in the shop told me outright that she was not in the mood to answer my questions. You would think that they would do their upmost to make sure people knew what they were doing with these potent drugs. When i said to her that i thought it was her job to answer questions she replied "we can have a discussion on this or we can just leave it." Thanks for your time and effort grumpy unfriendly lady. One star for effort.
Bader ouled - vor 3 Jahren
Good quality psychedelics... Recommended
hello world - vor 3 Jahren
the eldest smart shop so far...?! could be :) huge selection of teas (own brand), e-caps and other pills, skilled + friendly staff, nice atmosphere. if i'm around, i usually go there.
Tamás Pohlinger - vor 3 Jahren
Best seller, the women who sell the stuffs are very professional, very kind. I was feeling the right vibe in the shop. The mush was really strong and good
KNVL Roman - vor 4 Jahren
Good mushrooms is very good))

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