Power Flower
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Arnhemseweg 181, Apeldoorn (Apeldoorn Zuid)

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Monika - vor 3 Monaten
my favourite cake "red velvet"
Marta Zakaszewska - vor 5 Monaten
we were there yesterday and wholeheartedly recommend, friendly service and beautiful lady selling! ❤️
Amun-Ra Gaia - vor 5 Monaten
Liked it. They have both medicinal (CBD) and THC cannabis at fair prices. Took the Silver Haze and Royal Gorilla and can't complain. There is a tobacco replacement on every table for those who don't want to smoke pure. (Smoking with tobacco is illegal in pubs and shops in the Netherlands) The staff was helpful and friendly. It was quite busy, but service was quick.
Jenya - vor 7 Monaten
Nice shop,nice weed)
TuTu1141 - vor 7 Monaten
Good quality, helpful staff
Amin0 263 - vor 10 Monaten
The weed is clean and good and the people are friendly
Marcus Koolmees - vor 10 Monaten
More expensive and worst preroller hasj joint I ever had. Half side burns in, didn't grind the hasj properly
Karolis as - vor 11 Monaten
I can agree that's the best coffeshop in appeldoorn and way more arround
Fernando Lopez Garcia - vor 1 Jahr
They have really good people and the quality is the best in apeldoorn! Pd:the northenlife is amazing!
Michał Nikitiuk - vor 1 Jahr
I recommend it very good!
Cloudsdale MusicCrew - vor 1 Jahr
This dispensiary(Coffee shop) has it all, high quality merchandise and high quality service, they offer both medicinal weed as well as weed for personal use.
Mingaudas Kisevičius - vor 1 Jahr
Really nice coffeshop good quality. Staff is amazing especially girl with cat ears "Meow" ;)
Justinas Limontas - vor 1 Jahr
Great shop with very friendly staff, good selection of products for a surprising price, offers dew options for those witha sweet tooth, has a private parking place next to the entrance, enjoyed their fine services.
Daianne Alves - vor 1 Jahr
I love there, great quality, fun games, huge car park and the staff are lovely and effective.
Nazare Ciprian - vor 1 Jahr
Some great staff there
r3stl3ss - vor 2 Jahren
friendly personnel and i got a free raffle ticket!
Wim Uding - vor 2 Jahren
Strawberryfields forever.
Noa Linden - vor 3 Jahren
Best coffeeshop in the area by far!
m . G - vor 3 Jahren
Nice staff, and good weed
Sab Bab - vor 3 Jahren
As a dutchie living in Deventer have to say that coffeeshops in deventer can't compare to the quality of Power Flower. Also the chocolate muffins are great. Juicy and quite strong. Don't overeat. It works after approx. 1,5hours. I usually eat half.
Hell Zoltan - vor 3 Jahren
The Best✌️✌️✌️
Dominik Mars - vor 3 Jahren
For a quick stop alright. One of thousands, not more and not less...
Mesh A - vor 3 Jahren
Best coffeeshop I've ever been in the Netherlands. ❤
mariusz rycerz - vor 3 Jahren
One of the best coffee shops I have ever been. Highly recommended!
Mike Plattel - vor 3 Jahren
Great Shop, Fair prices, Decent Staff.

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