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Marvin Temmen - vor 1 Monat
Good selection and service!
Area Obsidian - vor 4 Monaten
Very friendly and helpful staff!
Yevhenii Nazarenko - vor 7 Monaten
Wonderful and friendly staff. Good range of goods
Gabriel Guerra - vor 7 Monaten
Friendly and super helpful staff.
Banu Travaci - vor 1 Jahr
Good quality wonderful staff
Jan Pieterszoon Coen heeft niets verkeerd gedaan - vor 1 Jahr
Staff is always friendly and they know what they are selling. They have always given me good advice and are honest. I've been coming here for years.
Pablo Master - vor 1 Jahr
Best customer service & product quality
Sergey Ivanov - vor 1 Jahr
Great choice and super friendly & helpful employee. Thumbs up!
Marc Lewis - vor 1 Jahr
I have been a customer of De Sjamaan for years, both at the local store (when I lived in Arnhem) and online. I have nothing but positive things to say about them. The products are excellent! Potent in all the right ways, without any ill effects such as nausea, at least for most. people. Also, De Sjamaan does an excellent job of differentiating the different strains and packaging according to their place of origin. So it's easy to gain expertise about the quality of the experience and to find your favourite strains. The shipping is quick and I've never experienced an error or a missed delivery. And these are really nice people. It's a small company that seems to rely on good-will and care as well as profit. By far the most trusted distributor I've found anywhere in the world!
Edgars Vīgups - vor 1 Jahr
Frendly service.
Matheus Lazarin - vor 1 Jahr
Even when a product I bought showed a small problem, the store was able to kindly contour the situation and provide me with great support and an awesome outcome! They did everything they could and even a bit more to make my purchase worth it. The store's after-sales service is incredible. I am grateful to the staff for such kind treatment and mainly for their patience in hearing my complaints. I fully recommend them if you want a very pleasant buying experience. They've been doing this for decades and they really know how to make customers happy. Thanks De Sjamaan!
Fabio Carneiro - vor 1 Jahr
Underfull, they really try to help you with everything. Amazing staff. It is easy to find the store. Good prices. Highly recommended!!
rali videnova - vor 2 Jahren
Wonderful staff. I had to order online because of the lockdown. The package arrived very fast and the driver was incredibly nice. Thank you very much!
Nkia Landburg - vor 2 Jahren
Horrible service! Bought a vape, it started leaking after the first use. When I brought it back they said they would get it fixed but I never got it back. I did not get my money back either. They refused to give me a new one. Would not recommend at all.
Kevin Knol - vor 2 Jahren
Great service.
Larena B - vor 2 Jahren
Very good and friendly service. I am very happy with my order, thank you very much. I would 100 % recommend this shop :)
MantaSun ' - vor 3 Jahren
The person who was working gave us really good advice, thanks a lot, would recommend to visit.
Barney Stinson - vor 3 Jahren
Nice store, but bought a €5 bottle of Kratom 50x extract, and followed the instructions of taking half a bottle, after feeling absolutely nothing in 30mins I took the whole bottle, and still no result. It was told the effects are extremely similar to Heroin, what I smoke daily, but nope. Also the salvia I tried did not do squat. What DID work are their Range of a couple of different kinds of Mexican Truffles for €12,50 a pop. Consume two boxes for a Really strong trip.
torben bauer - vor 3 Jahren
Very good consultaion and super freindly salesman!
Julia Verne - vor 4 Jahren
Always helpful and friendly staff
Francisco Almeida Vizentin - vor 4 Jahren
The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable.

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