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Sam Wolinski - vor 2 Monaten
Super knowledgeable, helpful, and kind folks. A gem! :)
Jonathan Emparan - vor 5 Monaten
Wonderful staff! Great products. But the service is incredible! Their knowledge, their passion and their attention to what you need or are looking for is something special. It was an absolute pleasure to visit the shop.
Joël Zomer - vor 5 Monaten
Very nice people. Versatile shop, they have everything!
neda shahidi - vor 5 Monaten
I am really glad that we found this place for many reasons: 1. They have run their smart shop for many years. I felt like I can trust their opinion and I did and we had a very pleasant and unique experience. 2. They are a family owned business and I would support such business wherever I can. 3. They really spent time to explain all aspects of using their products to us and helped us to make an informed decision. I am a neuroscientist and even though I like new experiences, I wouldn’t have tried something if I wasn’t informed about how to make it safe. These people’s years of experience helped me way more than random articles on the internet. I wish places like this were available all around the world.
Evelina Zinkevičiūtė - vor 7 Monaten
The best place! A lot of recomendations.. the staff was so good i even didint want to go out :) give a lot of information about products. we are very happy to find this place. We will come back :) ♥️
A D - vor 10 Monaten
Very helpful lovely people and good products.
Dimitrios Panias - vor 11 Monaten
Great variety of products, the employees are always helpful, well informed and ready to answer any questions you may have concerning the products and not only. For example one time I had a problem concerning my road taxes and the employees didn't hesitate to give me all the informations they could including where to call what should I do etc. There is also a gift card system that gives you 10€ discount on your next purchase, after you complete the stamps that exist on the card. In conclusion the store gives an all around family vibe and it's a very heartwarming experience to visit.
Reza Keshmir - vor 1 Jahr
Lovely shop, lovely people, good prices! What else does one need?!
Nazar Romanenko - vor 1 Jahr
Warming, attentive, and knowledgeable personnel in combination with a wide variety of products sold result in a combination that makes one eager to return.
Imagine Dragon - vor 1 Jahr
This is literally my favorite place in the whole city. It's so cozy and pleasant to be there that you just don't want to leave. A large assortment, extremely excellent employees, always ready to help and advise, and of course high-quality products. There are also gifts, tourist things, in general there is a product for every taste. I highly recommend visiting!
Tobi Siegbert - vor 1 Jahr
Best Smart shop I have ever been to. The Products are very good. The variety of products are great. The consultation I got here was amazing. They took there time and spent an hour telling me in great detail what use and how. Best shop ever
Jasper Louw Nengerman - vor 2 Jahren
wonderful place, wonderful people, amazing advice. keep on going the hard work
x xkira - vor 2 Jahren
You can get laughing gas here
Deborah “In-Spiral” Coenraad - vor 2 Jahren
A lovely shop to look around for gifts, art, herbals and smart. Very nice people with knowledge about what they sell. I would recommend a visit to this shop, its really unique.
Maximilian Steuck - vor 2 Jahren
Very good service! We'll test the product soon :-)
Reinis Klajums - vor 2 Jahren
Blazej Glogowski - vor 2 Jahren
my favorite shop:) both ladies are very kind and friendly
jade - vor 3 Jahren
love the staff, so friendly and helpful. i learned a lot about stuff. it was great. i even got a free lighter. :D
jade JDY - vor 3 Jahren
love the staff, so friendly and helpful. i learned a lot about stuff. it was great. i even got a free lighter. :D
Lukas Bilaisis - vor 3 Jahren
Best smartshop you can find. Employees friendly and helpful. After my girlfriend had bad trip they kindly helped with everything they could, can’t say how much thankful I am for their kindness.
Dinuk Periy - vor 3 Jahren
My favorite smart shop ever! Peter, Ida and their Daughter Alexandra have pretty much become family to me and I have always had a beyond pleasant experience whenever I dropped by.
Jesulonimi Kuyinu - vor 4 Jahren
Good stuff and very good service
Maarten - vor 4 Jahren
One of a kind shop with a friendly owner that knows alot about his bussines

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