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Elements of Nature B.V.
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Warmoesstraat, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Johnny Simple - vor 2 Monaten
Amazing place for wonderful people
Raquel Brasileiro - vor 5 Monaten
My husband and I bought a Pax 3 during our trip to Amsterdam, at Elements of Nature. We liked it so much that we named it Carlos Alberto, the name of the 2 staff members who helped us to choose the vape. Thanks guys!!! Cheers from Berlin ✌
Jim Landuyt - vor 1 Jahr
That barba desk man is the best info man... great info. Thanks and see you later.
Jesse James - vor 1 Jahr
Amazing experience. Everyone was welcoming and fun. The clerk Daisy was incredibly informative giving me the exact information I needed and with perfect clarity. I would 100% shop again.
nea flutegirl - vor 2 Jahren
This place makes me feel like everyone is lying about going on shroom trips. Took 15grams and absolutely nothing happened. And if you go ask the people at the shop they try to find something wrong with how you took it like you didn’t chew it long enough. I chewed those until it was a dissolved mush in my mouth and felt nothing.
Chanting Earth - vor 2 Jahren
I was buying 2x in that shop before and everything was ok, this time bought 3 boxes and absolutely no effect on anyone, staff is super nice but they need to know themselves what are they selling
Emmet Rickaby - vor 2 Jahren
Spent 20e on 'the strongest' they have as I'm a regular user. Absolutely no effect. Went back in to ask what's going on and was told it was my own fault. Avoid this place.
David Abarca - vor 2 Jahren
Very helpful and nice staff. The shop was super clean, well organized, and not crowed.
Dhivakar Shankar - vor 3 Jahren
Maciek gaik is really helpful in choosing what you need !!
Risto Tenno - vor 4 Jahren
Very splendid and informative for newcomers. Great and positive experience!
Nishad Panchal - vor 4 Jahren
Nice place for psychedelic bang brea

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