Elements Of Nature
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Warmoesstraat 54, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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sd dsasdas - vor 2 Wochen
spent 40$ on salvia (both 5x and 10x) and after 3 bowls of 5x and 1 of 10x i have had no effect at all. scam.
Victor Borges - vor 3 Monaten
Nice store and service, the blonde lady working has such a great energy, didn't get her name unfortunatly. Now its time to grow some fungus
Swapnajit Sen Gupta - vor 5 Monaten
Great experience with a lot of guidance. Helped us experience a spectacular trip. Would recommend everyone to come here and speak to the guys before trying, as they understand what you need and guide you accordingly. A must recommended for all!
Sejal Karmaran - vor 5 Monaten
Great explanations and knowledge of magic mushrooms. Do recommend for beginners and the experienced alike!
William Wallace - vor 6 Monaten
Really friendly staff. Good service and funny. Thanks for all the tips guys
Kevin L - vor 8 Monaten
The British employee here at 2pm on Sept 18 was massively rude. He seems more interested in hitting on women and flexing about how much he knows about drugs than actually helping someone. I went in here to spend 100 Euro, i left spending nothing and went somewhere else because of rude this Brit employee is.
Earl Kennaugh - vor 8 Monaten
Be warned!! They sell this as legal high but its an air fresher. It is poisonous if consumed!! Scammers, who knows what else they do!!
Andy Baxter - vor 10 Monaten
Lovely guy who was very detailed and explained everything to us about truffles. Had a nice chat with him and even said to give him a ring if we had any questions. Defo recommend his shop!
Matt Hendersson - vor 10 Monaten
Amazing staff, nothing more.
Sina - vor 11 Monaten
Best smartshop in Amsterdam and the best guys to guide you work there. Can’t remember the names but I love these guys, always great conversations and great products and guidance.
Carolyn Ding - vor 1 Jahr
really helpful staff and informative visit:) great experience and good sheeoms
Migal Carion - vor 1 Jahr
Marcel was fantastic guy, was very helpful and told me stuff about the shrooms and how to do them. Go to the store no.97!!! Store 54
Johnny Simple - vor 1 Jahr
Amazing place for wonderful people
Raquel Brasileiro - vor 1 Jahr
My husband and I bought a Pax 3 during our trip to Amsterdam, at Elements of Nature. We liked it so much that we named it Carlos Alberto, the name of the 2 staff members who helped us to choose the vape. Thanks guys!!! Cheers from Berlin ✌
Constantin - vor 2 Jahren
Very good shop. You can buy here some crazy good stuff like magic mushrooms. The staff can give you good advice if you don't yet know what exactly you want. The selection of magic mushrooms is very large, there is definitely something for everyone.
Alessandro Vago - vor 2 Jahren
Amazing staff and service! Alberto really knows what he's talking about ;)
Cody Beere - vor 3 Jahren
Go here. The people are knowledgeable and the prices are great
meli - vor 3 Jahren
Bought some stuff and the quality is low.
Hany Hammad - vor 3 Jahren
The shop is packed with all hash tools and really impressive
Darren E Charlotte - vor 4 Jahren
Amazing staff and product combo. I simply don’t go anywhere else.
Kimberly Field - vor 4 Jahren
Best place ever, staff is extremely helpful, couldn’t ask for a better establishment.

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