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Vision Kosher 5 seeds

€ 47,50

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Vision Kosher Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds When it comes to harvesting, you can either choose a product that has to be dependable and long-lasting, one that lacks smell or taste, or one with an unremarkable yield. But what if you want all three? The Kosher girl from Vision Seeds is the only option for those seeking a balanced approach. Imagine a strain that yields massive amounts of buds after only 8 weeks of flowering time, never smells like hay and tastes as good as she smokes– then welcome home! With this particular lady you are going to have some serious bragging rights come harvest time! Vision Seeds Vision Kosher is one of the tastiest smokes known to experienced stoners. Furthermore, this medium-sized girl is one of the best time investments when it comes to harvesting. If you are looking for an Indica dominant strain that would have an amazing flavor pallet, have a serious amount of THC and could grow some enormous buds - this is your girl! The Kosher girl has a unique and very recognizable taste that can be described as a rich earthy, yet the very fruitfulblend of unique aromas. Being quite potent she delivers on powerfully uplifting high.