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Supreme Lemon 3 seeds

€ 22,50

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Supreme Lemon Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds A pure Sativa-dominant hybrid, Supreme Lemon is based on Vision Seeds' original creativity. It results from crossing Haze (loved for its gentle buzz) and one of the most popular modern strains worldwide, Lemon Skunk. With its high THC levels and neutral cannabis taste, this lady is good for energetic daytime use; an experienced user will find it creative and communicative - with a strong socializing effect! This marijuana cultivar is a hybrid of two cannabis legends. The smell and taste will be fresh, citrusy, with an herbal flavor that is similar to lemon verbena or lemon basil. She's got serious genetic makeup - parents Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk, who want one supremely potent strain to add to the lineup? Everyone is talking about how fresh her flavor is. She gives you that big lemony bang while keeping her Sativa dominance in check with a gold-medal grower pedigree. And we haven't even gotten into the effects: Crafting creativity and energy in every puff!