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Purple Urkel 5 seeds

€ 60,00

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Feminized Purple Urkel Cannabis Seeds from Chronic Caviar (USA) - 5 Seeds Purple Urkel Cannabis Seeds are lavendery-berry-grapey cannabis seeds that are famous thanks to their Californian genetics, creating a Mendo strain. This California classic isn't the old school indica anymore! It's an amazing, exciting superstar among modern Sativa strains, producing great flavor and huge yields for your needs. Do you dare to grow this legend of must? Purple Urkel is known for its sweet aroma of grape, lavender, and berry with a touch of vanilla. These cannabis seeds are wonderful to use in any situation where you need some high-grade medicine that can take your mind off anything stressful or troubling. Its THC levels will give you an amazing 25% buzz on average while not giving you the couchlock feeling many other strains do.