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Medical 49 (CBD+) 5 seeds

€ 27,50

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Medical 49 (CBD+) Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds Medical 49 CBD+ is designed for patients in search of a great medicinal cannabis strain that can help with physical and mental ailments. It's low in THC, but high in CBD which makes it perfect for those looking for anxiety relief or stress. Ever since it first came out, this strain has been a favorite of so many. The Medical 49 CBD+ Cannabis Strains tend to take the edge off and help people feel less anxious or stressed; but that's not all these little beauties do! There are some pretty cool medical benefits associated with these strains - such as for nausea! If you're looking to find relief from any bodily pain (particularly headaches), then we recommend giving her a puff. This amazing plant has been selectively bred to deliver on all thing