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Amnesia x Buddha Kush 3 seeds

€ 30,00

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Amnesia x Buddha Kush Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds These cannabis seeds are the perfect choice for cerebral high lovers looking for a powerful kick. If treated right, expect to have huge and densely packed buds covered in resin with shiny color. This lady is not shy at all, so she's potent with large doses of THC that will send you on an escape from reality. Don't let her Sativa dominance deter you! These small plant ladies can grow big if given time to mature. Expect earthy aromas that will satisfy your taste buds while also lingering some time after tasting. Not only does she offer up some serious potency; expect huge and densely packed buds covered in shiny resin glands which leave behind earthy and citrusy aromas worth savoring and lingering on your taste buds for some time. Her powerful Sativa genetics make her prone to grow big so it would be best to leave her inside until she has bloomed fully...Great crossing to try if you are looking for more unique plants to grow!