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Kayleigh Rivers - 6 maanden geleden
The people who run it are extremely nice and helpful. Definitely worth paying a visit !!
edward brink - 11 maanden geleden
Been here for the first time. Extensive good and honest advice. The price of what I bought was very good.
Sebbe - 1 jaar geleden
EarlyGabberSven - 1 jaar geleden
Always a top service! Due to the great knowledge of the saleswoman and become much wiser.
Francis Pelle - 2 jaar geleden
Helped well, meets the wishes
Karel Veldman - 3 jaar geleden
They have a lot of experience and they can help you well if you have a problem with your e-smoker and the staff are top I always go here now
Mic Sokoli - 3 jaar geleden
Saturday March 7, 2020, I bought a box of HW-M 0,15ohm coils. Within three days I had to replace 4 coils because they were always burning. I have been vaping for 2 years now, of which I have been using the HW-M coils for 1 year. It is not the experience / wattage use and handling. After research I found out that these were coils that had been used before and rinsed in hot water to be sold as new again! Very badly resent this. Even after having stated this several times, this was not heeded. BAD SERVICE! SCAM AND DANGEROUS!
Sharief Jhinkoe-Rai - 3 jaar geleden
Kindly helped really great. Me glass were broken. Nice assortment! Come definitely down once!
jeroen Jansen - 4 jaar geleden
Top store always nice and knowledgeable. Nice staff too.

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