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Wedding Cake x Triple OG

€ 45,00

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Wedding Cake x Triple OG Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds Vision Seeds Wedding Cake x Triple OG Cannabis Strain is a very unique and quirky blend with flavors that are sweet, tangy, creamy, and sour. Being an extremely high THC level cannabis strain, the effects are instant after smoking this delicious dessert queen. You will experience joy, uplifting energy, euphoria, as well as an intense head boost! This is great for those looking for instant relief from stress or anxiety, tackling physical tasks after work, getting creative mid-day on hoot hoot-like activities (AKA crafts), or even simply hanging around the house all day fuzzy as heck. Be careful though because her effects are fast hitting! Don't be surprised if you suddenly find yourself full-on flying off the handle in hours after lighting up this potent lady of power. She comes in a unique package with a cake-like frosting, but her aromatic qualities might be what really have you coming back for more. With intense effects from all around the experience - give it a good smell, taste and have some fun by trying out something new!