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Nicole Bubba Kush 5 seeds

€ 60,00

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Feminized Nicole Bubba Kush Cannabis Seeds from Chronic Caviar (USA) - 5 Seeds This is Nicole Bubba Kush Cannabis Seeds, OG Kush has been getting more and more popularity among cannabis community in Europe. Everybody is chasing those crazy USA cannabis seeds genetics and Nicole Bubba Kush is one of the strain really worth chasing for. After it being the favorite smoke of US rappers and celebrities for many years, it now arrived for good on the old continent. This cannabis strain offers smokers that typical "kush" experience that is so distinctively different to any other types like haze or fruity indicas. That's why we find it important to provide you with the wide selection of OG Kush oriented genetics. Next to the diamonds like Wifi OG, Black Dog OG or Lavender x Real Purple Kush, this strain is a real hit with quality kush smoking enthusiasts.