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Bona Dea (CBD+) 3 seeds

€ 22,50

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Bona Dea (CBD+) Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds Bona Dea is an incredible Indica hybrid that has been optimized to bring high levels of CBD. Perfect for those who like medical marijuana but don't want the strong psychoactive effects, this strain will relax your muscles and allow you to fall asleep more easily after a stressful day at work or school. The perfect balance of THC and CBD mean that Bona Dea offers optimal benefits for humans looking for medicinal relief without losing their mind space. What better way to wind down than with some delicious weed? You've made it to the work day for once, but you have so many meetings ahead of you and there's still this pain in your wrist. Be grounded with Bona Dea (CBD+) Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds that will bring peace to your muscles while providing incredible relaxation benefits without dropping you out of commission. Keep in mind that it still packs a solid 9% of THC!