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Auto Zkittlez 5 seeds

€ 40,00

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Autoflowering Zkittlez Cannabis Seeds from Chronic Caviar (USA) - 5 Seeds Adding some new Zkittlez to your cannabis collection is like adding a rainbow on top of the candy jar. This strain is one of wonders and you can taste and smell it! With an almost identical scent and flavour as its namesake, the first time you will encounter this variety of weed will both amaze and thrill you. The effects are mostly body relaxation with a sense of calmness that brings happiness into your world. Auto Zkittlez Cannabis Seeds make for the perfect afternoon, whether you like to work out or just enjoy some time relaxing at home. The intense aroma that lets you know exactly what to expect can draw people in before they even get too close, and the flavor is so sweet and flavorful that it deceives your tongue into thinking it’s candy instead of cannabis. It has an amazing high that leaves you feeling incredibly calm and happy, making this hybrid weed strain one-of-a-kind among strains.