Passage 8, Venray

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Kacper Traczykowski - vor 3 Wochen
Lots of things you can buy there, bongs, pipes, seeds, shrooms and more. Piercing and tattoos done there just behind. Very big choice of clippers
Laurynas O. - vor 5 Monaten
Yes, good quality products. Customer service is nice, interesting people work there, I think! I did not expect to see so many products! There was this shop called "kids' world" (Vaikų Pasaulis) in Lithuania. And basically what you do as a kid (like until 9 yo) is every time you pass it with your mom, you ask here if we can goz there coz it's full of expensive toys, all kinds. Like I just found the new kids' world here - this shop! Who would have thought?! :D Yeah, I'd go for an anarchy type, just particals arraigned in all sorts of ways, for example, for sale up until a certain size, I guess. Anyway, very good shop, do recommend!
Samuel Škamla - vor 1 Jahr
Super shop, nice employees, good quality products
Garrudopt - vor 1 Jahr
Roman Jakšík - vor 1 Jahr
Nice clean shop with kind people.
G Petru - vor 1 Jahr
Vlad Maior - vor 1 Jahr
Nice staff and quality ;)
Paul Bakker - vor 2 Jahren
Klantenservice klant vriendelijk
جلال محمود - vor 2 Jahren
Mark - vor 3 Jahren
Moe Szyslak - vor 4 Jahren

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